Stalcraft mutant 1
Stalcraft features mutants of various shapes and sizes EXBO


  • Gear can be upgraded by bartering with traders in safe zones
  • Always do quests and side jobs for extra money, supplies and reputation
  • Emissions can only be avoided by going underground

Underneath "Stalcraft's" blocky presentation is a surprisingly expansive open-world MMOFPS with tons of places to explore, dangers to face and fun to experience. However, starting out in this brutal-yet-forgiving world can be a little confusing.

Players are dropped right into the thick of the Zone after they finish the tutorial and they'll mostly be left to figure things out on their own. To save some time and frustration, here are a few helpful tips on how to get the best possible start in this free-to-play mashup of "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." and "Minecraft."

Open-World PVP Tips

The hostility between Stalkers and Bandits is permanent, so expect to get shot at by players from the opposing faction all the time. To identify whether or not an approaching player is hostile, hover the crosshair over them and press Tab. If they get marked, then they are an enemy.

Additionally, the number on the top-left of the minimap indicates how many players are nearby. This also counts enemy players, so keep an eye on it when exploring the Zone.

Lastly, players get to keep their gear when they die. Guns, suits and devices cannot be looted from players, but valuables like medkits, ammo and barter items can. Dead players drop unopenable bags that can be sold for money.

Make sure to purchase armor plates after getting a proper suit to greatly increase survivability while exploring.

Quests and Gear Progression

Players should always complete main story quests whenever they can since they give useful rewards like weapons and armor. However, those who want to take their time should look toward grinding hideouts in order to make progress with their loadout.

Guns, armor and attachments can be bought in exchange for money and a few items in specific faction bases. It is a good idea to plan ahead of time as players might need to run between regions just to get the pre-requisite for an item they want.

Stalcraft M1A
Guns and attachments can be purchased from traders inside of faction safe zones EXBO

Here's a checklist of stuff to buy before leaving the Swamps:

  • Transformer Bag
  • KZS-1 Container
  • Weapon of choice
  • Related weapon attachments (Scopes, magazines, muzzle brakes)

Clear hideouts and finish side quests to earn reputation points in bases. This is required to unlock higher-tier gear.

Damage and Ammunition Types

All guns except assault rifles and SMGs have unique damage modifiers that make them better at different things. Shotguns, for example, deal more damage to mutants, while pistols deal increased damage depending on how much HP a target has already lost.

Damage dealt can be increased even further by using different ammo types. AP ammo should be used on primary weapons against players, while EXP ammo should be loaded onto sidearms for exterminating mutants.

Stalcraft trader menu
Additional gear can be viewed in the gear trader screen by clicking on the category menu Stalcraft

Escaping Vortex Anomalies

As players explore the Zone, they'll likely encounter harmful anomalies that can chunk down their health or outright kill them. They can be detected by listening closely to audio cues or by throwing bolts at them.

Vortexes are some of the deadliest anomalies in the game because of their instakill potential. Stalkers that do get caught in them can still escape from certain doom by sprinting away before they are lifted off the ground.

However, this requires momentum. Anyone who casually walks into a Vortex is sure to get sent back to spawn with an emptied backpack. When caught by a Vortex, do not stop running.

Emissions and Shelters

Every once in a while, the sky over the Zone will glow red and the earth will begin to rumble. During this time, players should head to the nearest underground shelter to avoid dying.

Unlike the actual "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." games, emissions in "Stalcraft" will kill anyone above ground. Hiding indoors will not work. Luckily, there are plenty of underground bunkers and tunnels in every region, although they are hard to spot.

Marking shelters as players explore is highly recommended as getting caught in the open during an emission will guarantee death. Alternatively, there are plenty of "Stalcraft" maps online that everyone can use as a reference for shelter locations.

Purchasing Barter Items

Normally, barter items like Seeds and Swamp Stones can only be acquired via quests or by clearing hideouts. However, players can actually purchase by visiting Auctioneers in safe zones or by simply asking other players if they want to trade.

Stalcraft NPC
NPCs like bartenders have a number of useful goods for sale EXBO