An infant in Kenya was hospitalized in critical condition after his mother cut off his genitals.

The woman, identified as Winnie Mutheu, chopped off the boy’s genitals and threw it in the pit toilet. Minutes later, the baby’s father heard his intense cries and rushed to the room.

"He asked his wife why their son was crying and she answered that the boy had broken his leg while playing with other children outside the house," the boy’s aunt told local news outlet Mwakilishi.

The worried father then started examining the boy but did not find any injuries.

"My brother then decided to examine his son, only to find no injuries on either of his legs. He went on to remove his son’s clothes and discovered that he had been physically abused," the aunt added.

The father rushed the boy to a local hospital in critical condition.

He reported the incident to the police. However, by the time the officers arrived at the home, the woman had already fled the scene. A search was underway for the woman as of Friday morning.

"We are pursuing the mother, and we are confident that we shall find her," police officer Mwaniki Ireri told the outlet.

The motive behind the crime was not known.

The incident comes months after a woman in Argentina was jailed for 13 years for chopping off her boyfriend’s genitals allegedly after he shared her sex tapes with his friends. When Brenda Barattini and her boyfriend, 42-year-old Sergio Fernandez, were having sex at their home, the accused asked him to wear a mask for a sex game. She then hacked off his genitals with shears. Hearing the man’s screams, the neighbors rushed to the home and took him to a nearby hospital where he was recovering. The woman was arrested and was later convicted of attempted murder.

In another incident, a woman in Taiwan was arrested after she hacked off her ex-husband’s penis and flushed it down the toilet after she learnt that the man had cheated on her while they were married.

Baby Feet
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