According to a study from the University of Melbourne, risk of postnatal depression was reduced by 50% through regular exercise in the first three months after giving birth and this increases mother's sense of wellbeing.

Earlier studies have found out that simple exercise can help fight postnatal depression, but Melbourne's Angliss Hospital stated that tailored exercise classes were most effective at preventing the baby blues.

Prof. Mary Galea, lead author of the study, said, This program will reduce the threat of postnatal depression and women who will be referred to this program will have less chances of developing the illness. It is really important that mothers exercise and exercise safely, but going to the gym is not yet recommendable because it is not yet the right environment for them.

About 161 new mums were separated into two groups. One exercised and had educational classes and the other took educational classes but had exercise at home.

It was found out that after the three-month program, postnatal depression is more risky to those who did the exercise classes.