‘Tis the season of reflection, and who better to tell us what we thought was important this past year than our good friend Mr. Google. If you’re part of the 67 percent (the Googlers of the world), then the destinations in the slideshow above may be a reflection of your inner wanderlust in 2013.

At its heart, nostalgia is a romantic notion, which might explain why Google singled out both wedding and honeymoon destinations for its two U.S. travel trends this year. Its broader Zeitgeist microsite, launched earlier this week, provides more than a thousand top 10 lists of popular trending searches from 72 countries, making it the most comprehensive global list of what was cool in any year to date.

Within this digital trend tome, the search engine giant defines “trending” queries as those that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2013, as compared to 2012. One trend that the two aforementioned travel lists make abundantly clear is that tropical may as well be a byword for romance.

Be they in the Caribbean or Asia-Pacific, Google revealed that couples are searching for sand more than ever before. But sand comes in many shades, and American lovebirds envision vastly different places for their weddings than they do for their honeymoons.

Take Mexico and New Zealand, for example. Mexico is the top trending wedding destination for 2013, but doesn’t crack the top 10 for honeymoons (though the resort of Cancun makes an appearance on that list). Conversely, New Zealand is the top trending destination for honeymoons, but is nowhere to be found on the list of wedding trends.

As a general rule of thumb -- and one that makes a great deal of sense from a budgeting standpoint -- most Americans seem willing to travel further for their honeymoon than they would for their wedding. Whether couples actually book these far-flung destinations or merely waste away nights scrolling through Google image searches remains unclear. Either way, Google’s roundup offers a “spirit of the times” and a chance to remember the places that got us talking and ultimately searching in 2013.

Scroll down for a look at the top trending wedding destinations and which states showed the most interest in them. Or, flip through the slideshow above for similar insight into trending honeymoon destinations.

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Top Trending Wedding Destinations in 2013

No. 1 Mexico

Interest in Mexico was strongest in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon.

No. 2 The Bahamas

Interest in the Bahamas was strongest in Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina and New York.

No. 3 Kauai

Interest in Kauai was strongest in (surprise!) Hawaii, Washington, Alaska, California and Oregon.

No. 4 Caribbean

Interest in the Caribbean was strongest in Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

No. 5 Jamaica

Interest in Jamaica was strongest in New York, Florida, Connecticut, the District of Columbia and Maryland.

No. 6 Italy

Interest in Italy was strongest in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

No. 7 Las Vegas

Interest in Las Vegas was strongest in (surprise!) Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah and Hawaii.

No. 8 Florida

Interest in Florida was strongest in (surprise!) Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.

No. 9 Costa Rica

Interest in Costa Rica was strongest in Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Vermont and California.

No. 10 Bermuda

Interest in Bermuda was strongest in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York.