Lisa Snyder, the mother of two children who were found hanging from a dog leash in the basement of her home, is on trial for their murders.

She is also being accused of bestiality with her dog. It happened in the weeks before she killed six-year-old Brinley and her eight-year-old brother, Conner.

Authorities claim the 36-year-old mother of two staged the deaths of the children at her home in Albany to look like a suicide.

On the day the bodies were found, Snyder called 911 and said that her bullied son had made threats of committing suicide but that he did not want to die alone, hence the reason he also killed his sister.

The siblings passed on in the hospital, three days after they were found unresponsive in the basement.

She apparently did not return to the basement even as the paramedics fought to save the children.

Berks County District Attorney John Adams said the case was very emotional for everyone involved. He said two have children that young killed was not right.

Snyder was seen to exhibit little or no emotion when she was arrested for the murders.

Adams added that one would think that a mother of children who were found hanging would make every effort necessary to save them.

During an investigation into the deaths of the children, police found at least three explicit messages sent by Snyder, which showed that she had engaged in sexual acts with a black and white dog.

Snyder owned a husky-pit bull mix, which she reportedly gave away before the deaths of the children.

Further incriminating evidence was found against Snyder as police said she had conducted online searches for hanging a person. She visited a site that had instructions on how to hang a human being.

Adams claimed that Snyder had also ordered a vinyl-coated wire lead labeled "super" and "250 pounds." She purchased them on the day of the deaths of the children from a local Wal-Mart.

The authorities arrived at the house and found the children hanging from the wire leash. Beams supported it in the basement, and there were two overturned chairs nearby.

Snyder even created a Facebook page titled, "Remembering Conner & Brinley" and posted a lot of her children’s photos along with posts that showed she was mourning.

She is being charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, evidence tampering, endangering the welfare of her children, and animal cruelty as well as bestiality.

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