A mother was left heartbroken when she saw her six-month-old daughter covered in bruises and bite marks after she was left unattended at a daycare. The Incident took place at J&A Nursery in the city of Newark, New Jersey, on Nov. 12.

The 23-year-old mother, Anari Ormond, received a text from the owner of J&A Nursery asking her to call them back during her lunch break. Her six-month-old baby girl, Zuri Camara, had been attending the daycare since October.

Ormond, who works as a preschool teacher, immediately drove to the daycare which was around 17-minutes away.

The owner had first told the mother that she fell down the stairs while holding her daughter which caused the bruises on her body. However, the mother later found out that that Zuri was left unattended with a two-year-old boy who bit her three times in the stomach.

Zuri was covered in bruises and scratches all over her face and legs.

"I was shocked and heartbroken. She was just sitting there. She wasn’t laughing or smiling," said Ormond. “I felt so weak knowing that my baby is so helpless and couldn’t defend herself nor tell me what even happened. I’ve been feeling so defeated,” she added.

Zuri was then taken to a local hospital where her CT scan and X-Ray reports showed that there were no signs of internal bleeding or fractures. The doctor said the baby had suffered from a "mild concussion" and was sent home with antibiotics.

Ormond filed a police report and showed them the photos she took of her daughter's injuries. She wants the daycare center to be shut down in order to prevent other parents from experiencing something so painful.

The case is currently being investigated by the Newark Police Department’s Prosecutor’s Office, Special Victims Unit and Child Protective Services.

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