An infant's body hidden inside a bedroom wall has been discovered by Pennsylvania police following which the child's mother has admitted to hiding the corpse, authorities said.

Kylie Wilt, 25, accused of hiding her son's body has been arrested on charges including concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse, ABC 13 News reported. Alan Hollis, 27, the infant's father, has also been charged. However, the charges against him are unclear.

The police reached the couple's new residence in Charleroi on Thursday to help Child Youth Services look for the child who went missing. The infant's body was found inside the wall in Wilt's bedroom of their new residence where the couple moved in last month.

"There was discoloration, different color paint, looked like drywall cut out and a section replaced in her bedroom," Jason Walsh, the Washington County District Attorney said, WJAC TV reported.

Wilt claimed that her son who was around six months old in February, died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and she did not have money to bury him. She further told the police that she wrapped her son's body in blankets and stored it in a crate in the laundry room of her house in Upper Crest Avenue in Charleroi.

When the couple moved out of their residence last month, Wilt said she took the crate with the baby's body inside and buried it into the wall of her bedroom in the new residence.

"I used to hear the baby crying all the time and all of a sudden it didn't one day, and I didn't see them bringing him in and out and didn't figure this is what happened," Robin Stasicha, who lived near the couple while they were in their old residence said. She then enquired the property manager about the baby and was reportedly told that the baby had died. However, Stasicha said she could not believe it since she never noticed police responding to the scene or an ambulance coming in connection with the incident.

Walsh said three other children lived with the couple but it is unclear where they are now.

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