This image shows police officers after a shooting at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle on June 5, 2014. Mat Hayward/Getty Images

After a violent morning that left a mother dead, Chicago police have arrested two men believed to be responsible for the incident.

The shooting occurred on Tuesday morning when a woman, identified as Brittany Hill, was getting out of a black sedan around 9 A.M. She had arrived with her 1-year-old and found herself among a group of other people when two men arrived. The pair got out of a silver sedan down the block from the group of people and began firing into them.

After the men started firing, Hill reacted quickly to shield her child and turned her baby daughter away from the chaos.

“She moved toward the rear of a parked vehicle, fell to the ground and laid over her child to shield the 1-year-old baby from the gunfire,” CPD Officer Michelle Tannehill told ABC 7 Chicago.

Hill would be hit multiple times before the pair fled the scene and was promptly rushed to West Suburban Hospital, where she was declared dead at 9:25 A.M.

Following the shooting, police began an intense manhunt around urban and suburban Chicago that ended Tuesday afternoon. Michael Washington and Eric Adams were arrested in Urbana, Illinois by police as they attempted to flee and have been charged with first-degree murder.

In response to the shooting, Chicago activist and former mayoral candidate, Ja'mal Green, took to Twitter to speak on the murder of his high school friend.