The cougar almost came knocking at the door.

A mountain lion in Western Nebraska made an appearance in a driveway and walked up to a house’s front door, a video showed. The video was recorded by Luis Corral, a Crawford resident, and was shared on Facebook.

Corral urged the residents to stay vigilant while letting pets roam outside. "For all my friends and family in Crawford, keep an eye on your pets that are outside most of the time. This kitty walked right up to my front door and didn't seem scared," the post read.

Mountain lions were eliminated by the end of the 1880s from Nebraska even though they were a native fauna of the state. Footprints found in 1991 dropped a hint about their reappearance and an adult mountain lion was shot dead by a hunter in Harrison, Sioux County, shortly after, according to Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

In March 20, 2018, Matt Morgan, a farmer in Emerson, northeast Nebraska, spotted a bony carcass of a deer while hiking, which alluded to having been preyed typically by a mountain lion. The carcass was found on a tree branch 7-feet off the ground. Two days later, Morgan spotted a mountain lion captured on his trail camera installed inches away from where he discovered the carcass. Morgan said he had never encountered a mountain lion in his two decades of scouting and hunting experience in the hills.

A mountain lion makes its way through fresh snow in the foothills outside of Golden, Colorado, April 3, 2014. REUTERS/Rick Wilking