Brady finds himself in a very difficult situation in Season 1, episode 8 of “Mr. Mercedes.”

According to the synopsis for next week’s episode of the Audience Network series, Brady (Harry Treadaway) is put in the center of a crisis following a critical error of his own making. While the synopsis doesn’t specify the mistake Brady has committed, the trailer for the episode suggests that he has accidentally poisoned his mom, Deborah (Kelly Lynch).

In the video, Deborah prepares supper for her and Brady. But after tasting the food she cooked, Deborah is seen standing in front of the kitchen sink about to vomit. Has Deborah unknowingly cooked the rat poison-marinated “hamburger patties” that Brady made to kill Jerome’s (Jharrel Jerome) dog?

In Season 1, episode 5, Brady tried to poison Jerome’s dog using the patties. But when he failed, Brady returned home and just put the patties in the fridge. Viewers have never seen Brady take the patties out of the refrigerator, and since Deborah thinks that those are just regular patties, it’s possible that she ended up cooking them.

Elsewhere in episode 8, Jerome and Holly (Justine Lupe) make a pivotal discovery. In Season 1, episode 7, the pair managed to hack into Olivia’s (Ann Cusack) laptop and noticed a text file, entitled “Sessions,” on the computer’s desktop. Jerome and Holly tried to open it, but the file was encrypted. Holly said that Olivia didn’t know how to encrypt files, so it’s likely that someone encrypted the file for her. Will Jerome and Holly finally find out what’s in the file next episode?

Also in episode 8, Janey’s (Mary-Louise Parker) horrible death sends Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) reeling, leading him to visit his daughter, Allie (Maddie Hasson).

In the trailer, Hodges also tries to send Ida (Holland Taylor) away, fearing that the killer might murder her next. “Get out of my house!” the retired detective shouts at his neighbor. “You won’t be next!”

As viewers know, Brady killed Janey at the end of last episode by blowing up Hodges’ car. Brady was supposed to kill Hodges, but when Janey took the detective’s car out of the parking lot, the killer decided to take her life instead. “Sorry for the change of plans. I got a sudden urge,” Brady tells Hodges in the trailer of why Janey is already dead and he’s still alive.

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“Mr. Mercedes” Season 1, episode 8, titled “From the Ashes,” airs on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. EDT on Audience Network. Watch the trailer for the episode below: