A former Death Row Records vice president, John Atterberry, remains in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, one of several victims caught Friday in a Hollywood street rampage conducted by a distraught 26-year-old gunman.

Atterberry was driving his Mercedes coupe when Tyler Brehm started shooting at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood Friday.

The gunman hit Atterberry three times in the face and neck. In all, three individuals were injured during the rampage.

Chris Godley, a photo editor for the Hollywood Reporter, was grazed in the leg and received minor injuries. According to that publication, Godley was driving his black Toyota pickup truck to work when Brehm started shooting.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that a third driver suffered cuts from window glass after Brehm discharged his gun into the victim's car.

Los Angeles police shot and killed Brehm, who had fired nearly 20 rounds from his .40-caliber handgun. Brehm was distraught after a recent breakup with this longtime girlfriend, police said.

Atterberry, a founder of Mergela Records and Consulting, also helped create the music publishing company Infusion Music Group.