The video of a mysterious object hovering over the capital of Pakistan has aroused the interest of alien hunters on the internet.

The eye-witness who captured the footage said the triangle-shaped object remained in the sky for two hours.

Arslan Warraich, 33, said he set eyes on the peculiar sight and filmed the object as it lurked over Islamabad.

"I still don't know what it was," Warraich said, according to Indiatimes. "I filmed it for over 12 minutes at different times, took dozens of pictures and observed it for the best part of two hours."

Warraich said he noticed a clear "bulge" in the solid object and noted that it had "sharp edges."

"To the naked eye it seemed like a black round rock but as I zoomed in, I could see it was roughly the shape of a triangle with a clear bulge on top towards the back," Warraich added. "It was solid black and had no sharp edges. It wasn't reflecting too much light and no lights were emanating from it."

The footage recorded by Warraich and posted online by Pen News on Tuesday also shows several birds flying in the frame, allowing viewers to make comparisons between them and the mysterious object.

The video has since sparked speculations that it might have been a UFO.

"I don't know what it was, but I know what it wasn't – it wasn't a bird," Warraich said, as per LADBible. "I actually got birds in the clip while I was filming this thing."

"I fly drones myself so I know it wasn't a commercial drone either," he continued. "And it makes no sense for our military to be flying secret drones over a posh area of Islamabad where most of the army and government officers live."

The 13-minute footage, which Warraich initially uploaded on YouTube on Jan. 26, has received a number of comments from netizens, many of whom have praised the eye-witness for being able to document the mysterious object.

"While we won't know what it was, it was superbly documented in your video," one commenter said. Another person wrote, "You did a fantastic job recording! It really helped give it context by panning down to your surroundings. That thing was really high up there and you were probably the only person in the area to notice it."

Representative image Credit: Pixabay