A Tennessee couple faces child abuse charges after their two toddlers were found naked and covered in feces at a truck stop in Baldwin County, Alabama. 

The police were alerted after bystanders noticed a boy and a girl, aged 3 and 18 months, running around at Love's Truck Stop at Loxley area Wednesday morning, AL.com reported.

"There’s RV’s, there are trailers, there’s construction equipment, boats going through that front parking lot constantly," Doug Phillips of Loxley Police told WKRG. "They would never have seen a child that small run-up underneath one of them."

Philips said the toddlers were naked, and their bodies were covered with feces. It was in their hair, on their faces, and had been there for days.

Officers soon identified their parents, a Romanian couple, who were inside a van parked on the truck stop. Alex Busuioc, 20, and Larisa Suca, 19, were sleeping when the kids wandered off into the parking lot. 

The police said they were returning after a beach vacation, and on their way back to Nashville in Tennessee.

According to the officers, the van had been parked at the Love's for a couple of hours. However, they were clueless as to how the children managed to sneak out of the vehicle. 

"Luckily somebody saw them and was able to call us so we were able to get the kids the help they needed," said Phillips. “It goes without saying it’s a sickening incident to see a child in that condition," he added. 

Loxley police charged the couple with torture/willful abuse of a child Thursday. They remained in the jail on a $15,000 bond apiece. 

The children were taken to a hospital, where they were found to be malnourished. They are currently under the custody of the Alabama Department of Human Resources. 

Recently, an Oklahoma couple was arrested after their three children were found living in deplorable conditions inside a truck parked in a Walmart parking lot. The police were alerted after bystanders told the truck hadn’t moved in days. Officers found three children -- aged 2, 14, and 17 -- living inside in inhumane conditions. They also found bags of trash lying outside the vehicle. The parents, identified as Michel Falk and Amy Bohannan, returned to the truck a few hours later and were taken into custody. 

Child Wandering Representational image. Two toddlers were found naked at a truck stop. Photo: Pixabay