Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka announced Wednesday that she is expecting her first child and will not compete in any tournaments for the remainder of 2023.

"The past few years have been interesting to say the least, but I find that its the most challenging times in life that may be the most fun," the 25-year-old Osaka wrote on Twitter. "These few months away from the sport has really given me a new love and appreciation for the game I've dedicated my life to."

Naomi Osaka announces her pregnancy on Twitter.

"I realize that life is so short and I don't take any moments for granted, everyday is a new blessing and adventure," added Osaka, sharing a sonogram photo to Twitter confirming her pregnancy. "I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future, one thing I'm looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, 'that's my mom,' haha."

Osaka's announcement also included the news that she would sit out for the remainder of 2023, looking to return to competition during the 2024 Australian Open.

Coming to prominence at 16, Osaka truly broke into the public consciousness in 2018, when she won her first WTA title at the Indian Wells Open. Later in the year, she defeated 23-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams in the final of the US Open to become the first Japanese player to win a major singles title.

From 2018 to 2021, Osaka won a major singles title in four consecutive years, with her streak ending in 2022. She has been ranked number one in the world multiple times, but following several hiatuses from the sport and multiple early tournament retirements, Osaka currently ranks 47th, according to the WTA.

One of the most marketable athletes on the planet, male or female, Osaka became the highest-paid female of all time in 2022, racking up $37 million in earnings, according to Forbes.

Osaka has been dating rapper Cordae since 2019, and TMZ Sports confirmed that he is the father of the child.

"Sidenote: I don't think there's a perfectly correct path to take in life but I always felt that if you move forward with good intentions you'll find your way eventually," Osaka added, concluding her announcement with optimism.