• An alleged black knight satellite was spotted in a NASA photo
  • A UFO expert believes the object is an alien vessel
  • The strange object may have come from Planet X

A UFO expert claimed that a Space Shuttle mission launched by NASA captured an image of a black knight satellite hovering over Earth. The expert said the strange vessel may have been deployed from a mysterious world commonly referred to as Planet X.

The image of the alleged black knight satellite was spotted by Scott Waring of ET Data Base as he was browsing Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, which features photos taken during NASA’s missions.

One of the photos featured on the site was taken from a Space Shuttle Atlantis mission. Dubbed as STS-104, this mission was launched in July 2001 with the main objective of performing maintenance tasks on the International Space Station.

Waring pointed out that the alleged black knight satellite can be seen just outside Earth in the photo. He believes the object really was an alien spacecraft because of its ability to move really fast.

“Now I checked the before and after photo and there was no UFO there,” he stated in a blog post. “This object is moving really fast to be in only one photo. As you see, the space shuttle is turned with an open payload bay, but this isn't a satellite, because satellites don't move that fast. So...that leaves only one’s an alien craft.”

Waring noted that the strange object may have come from a mysterious planet known as Planet X. For many space enthusiasts, Planet X refers to a yet-to-be-discovered world that could be lurking at the edge of the Solar System.

According to Waring, the alien race living on Planet X may have deployed the black knight satellite in an effort to monitor the activities of humans on Earth. He said that if provoked, the alien vessel is capable of attacking.

“That’s a satellite object, black non-reflective and cannot be destroyed, but it will attack when provoked,” Waring stated. “It’s said to be placed by Planet X, Nibiru so that they can constantly monitor Earth. Sadly, the Black Knight satellites also have the weaponry to destroy all life on earth instantly.”

Dark Knight Satellite
Detail of NASA photo id STS088-724-66 taken during Space Shuttle mission STS-88, described as showing an item of "space debris", an object claimed by conspiracy theorists to be an alien satellite, the Black Knight. NASA