• NASA photo shows a massive UFO flying over Earth
  • The UFO could be as big as Texas
  • The UFO could be an actual alien vessel

A UFO expert claimed that a photo featured in NASA’s gallery shows a massive alien vessel hovering over Earth. According to the expert, the strange object is about as big as the state of Texas.

The photo showing the alleged alien vessel was spotted by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. He said he came across the photo as he was browsing the website Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, which features images taken during NASA’s various missions.

The particular photo that caught Waring’s attention featured an image of Earth taken from space. According to the details of the photo, it was taken in 2003. Unfortunately, the photo’s description does not indicate the mission when it was taken.

The strange object that Waring spotted in the image can be seen near the upper border of the photo. It lies in the region between Earth and space.

Zooming in on this part of the photo reveals a massive dark object flying over the planet. According to Waring, the object is an actual alien vessel observing Earth. Based on the image, he estimated that the UFO could be about as big as Texas.

As noted by the UFO expert, the alleged alien vessel is shaped like a huge ship. It also has various distinct features that Waring referred to as the different sections of the vessel.

“I found this giant UFO in a NASA photo this week,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “It’s bigger than the state of Texas and is shaped like an ocean ship. It has a very deep hull area and has lots of long dark rectangular windows on the side. The top has a bridge area for the captain, which is raised up higher than the rest of the ship.”

According to Waring, the photo proves that intelligent alien life forms exist. It also shows that NASA has been accidentally capturing UFOs in its photos.

“Extraordinary that this is in a NASA photo,” Waring stated. “100% proof that NASA has been taking photos of Alien ships all along, but probably didn't even know it.”

Earth photo
Photo of Earth taken from space in 2003. NASA