Glory satellite
NASA said its Glory mission launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Friday at 5:09:45 a.m. EST failed to reach orbit. NASA

NASA has postponed the launch of Glory spacecraft by at least 24 hours, citing technical issues. The next launch attempt has been rescheduled for 5:09 a.m. EST, Thursday, NASA said.

Glory, aboard an Orbital Sciences Taurus XL rocket, was scheduled for Feb. 23. liftoff from Space Launch Complex 576-E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The vehicle interface control console, a ground interface with Orbital Sciences' Taurus XL rocket, gave an unexpected reading during the final 15 minutes before Wednesday's scheduled launch, NASA said.

The cause and potential effect of the reading was not fully understood. With a 48-second available launch window, there was insufficient time to analyze the issue causing the launch to be postponed, NASA said in a statement.

Data to be collected by Glory will enable scientists to draw conclusions on how the sun and tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols affect Earth's climate.