A UFO expert has claimed that one of NASA’s images of Mars captured a disguised doorway on the Red Planet’s surface. The size of the structure reaffirms the UFO expert’s previous theories regarding the characteristics of the alien civilization that lived on Mars.

Scott Waring of ET Data Base obtained the images through GigaPan, a private company that provides high-resolution interactive panoramic photos. The company was founded through a collaborative effort from Google, the Carnegie Mellon University and NASA’s Ames Research Center.

In the photo, several black volcanic-like rocks can be seen scattered on Mars’ surface. Located near the center of the image is a rock that’s a bit larger than the others. Zooming in on the object reveals an oval-shaped opening on its side, which looks like a doorway.

According to Waring, the opening is an actual doorway that was intentionally disguised in order to adapt to its environment. Aside from this, he also pointed out that there is a trail leading out of the rock’s opening.

Due to the condition of the trail, Waring speculated that it is still being used, which means that the being that created the doorway could still be living there.

Waring estimated that the doorway is about a foot tall after comparing it with the size of the tread marks left by the Spirit rover as seen in the photo. His measurement for his latest discovery coincides with the size of the other objects he saw in NASA’s older photos.

Previously, Waring claimed that the space agency’s images of Mars contained a carving of a reptilian face and an ancient artifact resembling a speed boat. After comparing them with other prominent features on the Red Planet, he estimated that the carving was made on a wall that’s about a foot tall while the speed-boat like object was about 3 to 5 feet long.

Due to the small sizes of these objects, Waring speculated that they were made or owned by a race of tiny alien creatures who were only about 3 to 6 inches tall. These could also be the same creatures who created the small doorway that Waring found.

NASA Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity Wdowiak Ridge
This vista from NASA Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows Wdowiak Ridge, from left foreground to center, as part of a northward look with the rover tracks visible at right. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ.