A UFO expert claims to have spotted what appears to be a lizard or rat-like alien creature on the surface of Mars. According to the UFO expert, the creature is just one of the many alien lifeforms that inhabit the Red Planet.

Claims about the alleged strange creature on Mars was made by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily. He came across the image while browsing through the gallery of raw images taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

In one particular photo, a large formation of rocks can be seen in the middle. Slightly on the upper left of these rocks is the alleged alien creature that Waring spotted. As noted by the UFO expert, zooming in on the creature would reveal its distinct features such as a tail, legs and even its eyes.

Due to its appearance, Waring said that it resembled rodents and even certain types of lizards on Earth. According to Waring, the creature could be one of the animals living on Mars that wander across its deserts in search of liquid water.

“This one also seems to resemble a rodent, but also maybe a lizard,” Waring stated in a blog post. “With water existing on Mars in small amounts, it’s possible to find such desert animals wandering around…although very rare mind you.”

The YouTube channel UFO Hunting Clouds, which analyzed the same image that Waring referred to, noted that the photo proves that life exists on Mars. The channel also claimed that the alien creature might be using natural camouflage abilities when the photo was taken.  

“It is amazing all the life that is to be found on Mars,” the operator of the channel stated in the video’s description. “The lizard blends in color-wise but this is not its true color I believe.”

Interestingly, the lizard or rodent-like creature isn’t the only Martian animal Waring spotted on the Red Planet. Previously, he claimed that a photo taken by the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet showed a creature that resembled a squirrel. He also previously reported that he spotted an iguana-like creature on Mars.