Alien artifacts have been found on Mars which is said to be proof of their existence on the planet, an alien theorist once more claimed.

Scott C. Waring who runs the website, claimed, "I finally had the time to make a video of some of the discoveries I made in a Mars photo. The video is 11 minutes long and covers several alien artifacts - all of which are proof of intelligent alien life long ago."

In the video, Waring found what he believes to be an anti-aircraft military gun strategically placed on top of the mountains and is tilted upward. Right next to it is what looks like a military bunker. He believes that it was made to protect the area, proving that a war on the red planet could have happened many years ago.

"The gun is remarkable and that there is a threat that is necessary to protect them from," he explained.

He also found a remnant that looks like a face looking sideward. Some of the facial features recognized are the eyebrows, a nose that is big and triangular, both upper and lower lips, chin and cheek. The face general looks like a very old one. It is really recognized easily if you watch the video.

Another artifact found is a pyramid situated at the edge of a mountain that is several meters tall. He believes that it is deliberately made for some purposes. A remnant structure that looks like a foundation of a building is also found in the high-resolution photo. He describes it as something that looks like a shuttlecraft that landed. He thinks that it is an alien craft that landed on Mars probably a long time ago.

These artifacts are relevant to a certain event -- a war. Could this speculated "Martian war" really have happened a long time ago?

Viewers of Waring's video elaborating the remnants he found on a photo of a part of Mars have different opinions.

Some share their common belief with the conspiracist that these remnants were deliberately made. Some were amazed at how sharp Waring's eyes are in searching for these objects on a photo of Mars.

A viewer, on the other hand, disagreed with Waring's findings and suggested to promote scientific facts than many speculations. "I personally watched the video and was not that convinced of his beliefs. I think that the believed artifacts don't have that much clear relationship with the nearby objects which actually look like mere scattered rocks. It could also be a coincidence that the photo included several rocks that have a resemblance to the earthly objects mentioned earlier," the viewer commented.

Layers in Mars' Danielson Crater
This image taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft shows sedimentary rock and sand within Danielson Crater, an impact crater about 42 miles or 67 kilometers in diameter, located in the southwest Arabia Terra region of Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona