A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a couple of mobile alien bases on the Moon. According to the UFO expert, he came across images of the alleged alien bases while looking at NASA’s Moon photos.

The latest claims regarding the existence of the alien bases on the Moon were made by Scott Waring of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base. Waring noted he saw the images of the structures while going through the photos taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

Officially launched in 2009, the orbiter’s main objective is to create a detailed map of the Moon’s surface by taking high-resolution photos.

According to Waring, through the photos taken by the LRO, he was able to identify a couple of structures on the moon. He noted that the two structures he saw both had a whitish color and had a geometric shape.

He speculated that the alleged alien bases might be a combination of a spaceship and a surface structure. The mobile nature of the structures would allow its alien crew to travel across space with ease.

“I found this white structure in a NASA Moon photo last night and I just wanted to share it with everyone,” Waring stated in a blog post. “The structure has 90 degree angles and you can also see its incredible thickness.”

“This is a ship and a building combined,” he continued. “It wasn’t designed for looking sporty or for battle, but instead appears to be made mostly for being a mobile home of sorts, able to move from planet to moon at a whim.”

Although it is not yet clear what the exact nature of the structures are, Waring ruled out the idea that they were mining facilities. He pointed out that aliens would probably not establish multiple mining facilities at a single region. He also noted that there are no traces of mining activity surrounding the structures.

“A lot of people say these are mining structures, but I honestly don’t think that aliens need this many mining structures and I never see dug-out hole areas, like Earth’s mines make,” Waring stated.

mountains of the Moon
Most mountains on the Earth are formed as plates collide and the crust buckles. Not so for the Moon, where mountains are formed as a result of impacts as seen by NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University