A UFO expert claimed that NASA’s archive photos showed several alien structures and buildings on the Moon. The expert even speculated that aliens may have created some of the lunar craters specifically for the structures.

Claims regarding the alleged alien structures on the Moon were made by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. He said he came across the images of the objects as he was going through the archive photos posted on NASA’s website. Based on the appearance of the photos, it is possible that they were taken during the agency’s Apollo program.

Waring pointed out that several strange objects can be seen within the photos, with many of them clustered together in craters on the lunar surface. According to Waring, these structures are bases that alien beings established on the Moon.

“To some people that look just like rocks but they're not rocks, this is actually an alien structure made inside the center of this crater,” Waring said in his YouTube video. “But still there are some incredible things here and I just wanted to share that with you.”

“These objects inside the crater do not look natural to me,” he added. “They look like they are alien structures within these craters.”

Aside from being structures, Waring also noted that some of the objects could be spaceships that landed on the Moon’s surface.

Based on the photos, many of the structures appear clustered within the center of the craters. This led Waring to believe that aside from the structures and bases, the alien creatures that constructed them may have also built some of the craters on the Moon. For Waring, these artificial craters may have been built to serve as the foundation for the structures.

“The structure in the screenshot above seems to have been made in six parts and put together in this location,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “I also show a few other interesting craters that have some black structures within them.”

“I feel it's odd that so many structures are at the center of craters...so perhaps a lot of the craters are created by aliens for putting the structures into,” he continued.

Moon's Water Ice
Conceptual illustration of permanently shadowed, shallow icy craters near the lunar south pole. NASA/UCLA