NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold shared this photograph of the Everglades National Park in Florida, taken from his vantage point in low Earth orbit aboard the International Space Station. NASA released this image April 26, 2018. NASA

The U.S. National Park Service celebrated its annual National Park Week this year from April 21-29. Called a week, the event lasted nine days instead of seven to cover two weekends, allowing more people to make the most of the country’s natural bounty.

The theme for the 2018 celebration was “Park Stars” and the starry skies visible from the open spaces of national parks was only one of the references in that name.

For its part, NASA participated in the event too, by sharing a series of images captured from space that show some of the country’s national parks from point of view that isn’t otherwise visible to most people. That is because those images are captured from the vantage point of space, and well, most people aren’t likely to go there any time soon.

The images — some of them stitched together from multiple photographs — were taken from various spacecraft, including the International Space Station. Some photographs were taken by U.S. astronauts aboard the ISS, while others were taken by instruments, some on the ISS and others on other spacecraft — such as LandSat — controlled by people down here on Earth.