A new video revealed a swarm of UFOs approaching a Soyuz spacecraft as it prepared to dock with NASA’s International Space Station (ISS). The event closely resembled the infamous UFO Tether Incident from the STS-75 mission in 1996.

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring of ET Data Base recently shared a video made by a YouTube user about a strange incident that happened with the ISS. In the clip, a Soyuz spacecraft can be seen preparing its approach in order to dock with the station.

As sunlight hits the spacecraft and illuminates its surroundings, tiny orbs of light begin to appear in the background. Some of these, including a ring-shaped object, even closely approach the spacecraft as if they’re examining it.

Due to the deliberate and non-uniformed movements of the objects, Waring speculated that the UFOs seen in the video could actually be living organisms. He even likened the objects to plankton found on Earth. Waring theorized that they approached the Soyuz spacecraft out of curiosity.

According to the uploader of the video, the incident with Soyuz was not the first time the strange objects swarmed a spacecraft approaching the ISS. A week before the incident, a SpaceX spacecraft docked with the station to deliver supplies.

During the docking procedure, the small orbs as well as the ring-shaped object approached the spacecraft.

As Waring pointed, what makes the Soyuz video even more surprising is how it strikingly resembles the strange events that took place in 1996 shortly after NASA launched the STS-75 Space Shuttle mission. As the 19th mission of the Columbia shuttle, the main objective of the mission was to deploy a tethered satellite in space.

The mission was considered a failure because the tether securing the satellite broke. Despite this, it still became famous among UFO enthusiasts due to the footage of the satellite that NASA captured.

Just like in the Soyuz video, the clip from 1996 showed small orbs converging on NASA’s satellite as it drifted in space. One of the objects that approached the satellite was shaped like a donut and closely resembled the ring-shaped object that flew past Soyuz recently.

Soyuz MS-09
The Soyuz MS-09 crew spacecraft from Roscosmos is pictured docked to the Rassvet module as the International Space Station was flying into an orbital night period. This spacecraft had a 2mm-wide hole. NASA