• A UFO was spotted flying near the ISS
  • The UFO was captured using an infrared camera
  • An expert believes the UFO is an alien vessel

A UFO expert claimed NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) captured a video of an alien vessel flying nearby. The expert noted the UFO might have been observing the station when it was caught on film.

The strange UFO sighting appeared on NASA’s live feed from the giant orbiting station. Using its infrared imaging capabilities, the agency’s camera spotted the UFO trailing behind the ISS.

In the video shared by the YouTube channel UFOGent, the strange object can be seen just outside Earth. It appears as a small dot on the screen that’s slowly moving closer to the station. According to UFOGent, the object was spotted leaving Earth’s atmosphere, which means it may have launched somewhere near the planet.

Although other YouTube users commented that the object could just be the Moon, UFOGent and Scott Waring of the UFO-centered blog ET Data Base noted that it looks very different to Earth’s natural satellite.

For Waring, the object could be an alien vessel that is intentionally approaching the ISS. The UFO expert said the aliens controlling the vessel might be trying to observe the activities of humans in space.

“This orb is heading towards the space station,” he stated in a blog post. “Probably some aliens deciding to take a closer look at what the astronauts on board are doing and thinking.”

“Some might say this is the moon,” he continued. “That would come from an inexperienced person who has not used the live cam very much.”

This isn’t the first time that Waring came across an image of UFO flying near the ISS. In January, he reported seeing a bright UFO flying near the floating. Similar to his recent sighting, the strange object was also captured by NASA’s live cameras.

Based on the behavior of the object, Waring ruled out the Moon as a possible explanation.

“I was watching the live cam and noticed the huge glowing object that matched speed with the space station,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “It was visible on NASA live cam for 15 minutes. If it were the Moon, it would only be visible for a minute and a half at most. I've seen the Moon a hundred times on the cam...this is not it.”

SpaceX already carried out its own successful uncrewed mission to the International Space Station in March
SpaceX already carried out its own successful uncrewed mission to the International Space Station in March NASA/Roscosmos / HO