The “Nashville” Season 3 premiere is going to force Rayna to make a big decision: Luke or Deacon? Both proposed to her in the Season 2 finale, and Rayna accepted Luke’s proposal before Deacon proposed. However, a sneak peek from Season 3 looks like she is seriously considering Deacon’s proposal -- though we already told you her answer. After a brief relapse at the end of Season 1, Deacon has finally pulled his life together and learned how to be a father for their daughter, Maddie. Is that enough for Rayna to finally reunite with Deacon? The clip makes it clear that it’s not an easy decision for her to make.

The “Nashville” Season 3 premiere sneak peek shows Rayna going through old mementos that she has saved from her relationship with Deacon -- newspaper clippings, old letters and CDs. One letter clearly has “I’M SORRY!” written on top, while a bracelet has the word “forever” engraved on it.

In the video Rayna pulls out one of her old records that has a picture of the back of her and Deacon playing a song together. She puts the record on and hears “Postcard From Mexico," having a flashback of them singing the song together (first seen in the premiere photos).

[Watch the sexy duet in the sneak peek on Nashville's Facebook page.]

“Postcard From Mexico” will be familiar to longtime “Nashville” fans. Rayna sang the song in Season 1, but Liam filled in for Deacon. This won’t be Deacon’s only song in the premiere. He’ll be singing a song live during the premiere. The live songs sung by Deacon and Will Lexington will be available to download for free at ABC’s Music Lounge for 24 hours after the show airs.

“Nashville” Season 3 will premiere on ABC on Wednesday Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. EDT. Are you excited to see more Deacon and Rayna flashbacks? Sound off in the comments section below!