Radio, the dominant medium of wireless communication, has an expansive reach and a trusted audience all around the world. Touted as the most effective way of communication, radio's widespread popularity sometimes even outshined that of television or newspapers.

However, in modern times, radio's global acceptance is facing increasing challenges from the internet and other social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, which brings up questions like if the radio is still relevant in the 21st century.

Whatever the challenges, radio has always adapted to the waves of changes and has played a vital role in delivering information in even the remotest corners of the world during any humanitarian crisis. We live in a time when radios are the common technology seen everywhere, homes or cars, predominantly being used for entertainment and mainstream journalism.

The invention of the radio dates back to a century ago, precisely before World War I when the device was used to contact ships that were out at sea. Radio had a wider geographical reach after the Armed Forces used the mode of communication during World War I to contact soldiers who were far away, especially during emergency situations.

By that period, radio's popularity reached great heights and was favored for being an inexpensive tool to send and deliver messages. It became a civilian household fixture after the war was over.

On National Radio Day, which falls on Aug. 20, the radio is commemorated for being one of the greatest human inventions. To mark the occasion, we have rounded up some best quotes about radio and laid them down below.

Quotes about radio: (Courtesy: A to Z quotes)

  • "TV gives everyone an image, but radio gives birth to a million images in a million brains." - Peggy Noonan
  • "The power of radio is not that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions." - Hallie Flanagan
  • "Surround yourself with music. Just be sure to turn the radio on." -Lisa M
  • "Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world." - Harry von Zell
  • "Radio is the playground of coincidence." - Sarah Vowell
  • "I prefer radio to TV because the pictures are better." - Alistair Cooke
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