U.S. energy costs for gasoline and electricity are lowest in the state of Wyoming, while Hawaii ranks the highest, according to a new survey focusing on individuals, families and small businesses.

The results released Wednesday were tracked and ranked by the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council.

The costs are impacted by a variety of factors, including economic growth, investment in exploration and development and use of resources such as coal, natural gas or renewables, political risks and government regulations and taxes, the council said.

The lowest and highest states were ranked as follows:

Lowest energy costs:

1) Wyoming

2) Idaho

3) Utah

4) Kentucky

5) West Virginia,

6) Missouri

7) Nebraska

8t) Indiana

8t) Iowa

8t) North Dakota,

Highest energy costs:

41t) District of Columbia

41t) Maine

43) New Jersey

44t) California

44t) New Hampshire

46) Massachusetts

47) Rhode Island

48) Alaska

49t) Connecticut

49t) New York,

51) Hawaii.