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  • NCT's Taeil sustained a fracture in his right thigh after getting into a motorcycle incident
  • Taeil will take a temporary hiatus to undergo surgery and focus on his treatment
  • NCT is gearing up for its offline full-group concert, "NCT NATION: To The World"

SM Entertainment reported Tuesday that 29-year-old NCT member Moon Tae-il, more popularly known as Taeil, had a motorcycle accident while on his way home after finishing his schedule.

Following the accident, the K-Pop idol immediately had himself examined and treated at the hospital, according to his agency's statement. The result showed that he sustained a fracture in his right thigh and would need to undergo surgery.

As a result, Taeil will temporarily suspend all his scheduled activities to focus on his treatment and recovery and won't participate in NCT's upcoming full-group concert, "NCT NATION: To The World," on Aug. 26.

According to SM Entertainment, Taeil is in stable condition and receiving the necessary treatment at the hospital before his surgery.

Taeil's agency apologized for the sudden news about him but assured fans that they would prioritize the NCT member's health and help its artist focus on his recovery.

"We will do our best so that he can greet fans again in good health," SM stated.

NCTzens – NCT's fans – quickly reacted to the news about the K-Pop idol.

"... [A] femur fracture is INCREDIBLY painful, and the surgery is difficult. [T]he recovery will be a long one. [I]t doesn't matter how this happened. [R]ight now, what [T]aeil needs is our love and support," said one NCTzen, who claimed to have worked in orthopedic surgery before switching careers to oncology.

The fan also reminded others to send Taeil lots of love on Bubble and Twitter since the NCT member will have time to scroll through social media while recovering.

With the sudden news about Taeil's accident, his name trended on Twitter's K-Pop trends, gaining over 262,000 tweets, as of press time.

Fans have been tweeting encouraging messages for Taeil and started to trend the #GetWellSoonTaeil hashtag with their messages.

"Sending our warmest wishes for a speedy recovery to Moon Taeil. You are always worth the wait! ❤️ We love you so much, Taeil," one fan tweeted.

"I want Taeil hyung to come back strong soon, a talented person. I don't want Taeil hyung to get sick. Get plenty of rest. I don't want you to experience anything like this again. 🥺," stated another fan.

"[I] pray for a successful surgery and that you're gonna be back stronger and healthier than ever. [P]lease take all the time you need," tweeted a third fan.

Ahead of the release of NCT's "Golden Age" album, NCT is gearing up for its first offline full-group concert, "NCT Nation: To The World," which will be at the Incheon Munhak Stadium on Aug. 26.

NCT units NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U and WayV will present special stage performances for NCTzens. Fans can expect full-group stage performances as well.

Before the motorcycle accident, Taeil shared with a fan during the "Ay-yo" Yizhiyu fan sign event Sunday his excitement for his group's upcoming concert.

Taeil said that there are many performances he wants his fans, Moondanses, to see during NCT's full-group concert.

NCT's "Golden Age"
NCT's "Golden Age" @NCTsmtown/Twitter