A Netflix App icon is shown on an iPad in Encinitas, California, April 19, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Prepare yourselves, Netflix streaming addicts. On Oct. 1, Netflix will be getting rid of more than 50 titles, and there are some definite fan favorites disappearing from the streaming service.

The seminal millennial classic “Mean Girls” will be dropped from the subscription service. The movie’s cult-like following definitely won’t think this removal is very fetch. The Tina Fey-penned comedy followed Cady (Lindsay Lohan), a home-schooled student who grew up in Africa, adjusting to the world of American high school cliques. The 2004 film helped launch the careers of Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams.

Some fans disapprove of removing the movie before Oct. 3, a holiday in the world of “Mean Girls.” The day marks the first time Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) talked to Cady Herring. However, other fans aren’t too upset about the loss because the movie isn’t hard to find.

“The power of technology is pretty amazing … and so is Redbox,” Julie Gould, a recent graduate of Bloomsburg University, told International Business Times. “I’m sure if we don’t already own a copy of this ‘fetch’ film, we have the ability to obtain it elsewhere; sorry to say, however, we will have to get up from our couches to do so.”

Those who love comedies from the '80s and '90s aren’t safe from the Netflix purge either. Other popular comedies leaving Netflix’s streaming service include “Ghostbusters,” “Ghostbusters 2” and “A League Of Their Own.”

Comedies aren't the only movies disappearing. If you’re planning to catch up with “The Hunger Games” before “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1” comes out, you have to do it fast. Netflix Instant will be removing the first of the trilogy on Oct. 1.

Even TV lovers aren’t safe from this purge. "Law & Order" and it's spin offs will be taken off the streaming service, as well as "Battlestar Galactica." Anyone waiting to binge watch these shows should clear their schedules immediately.

Movies Disappearing on Oct. 1:

“The African Queen” (1951)

“The Sand Pebbles” (1966)

“Barefoot in the Park” (1967)

“The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant” (1971)

“Don’t Look Now” (1973)

“Death Wish” (1974)

“Sugar Hill” (1974)

“Breaking Away” (1979)

“Heavy Metal” (1981)

“Uncommon Valor” (1983)

“The Keep” (1983)

“Ghostbusters” (1984)

“The Delta Force” (1986)

“China Girl” (1987)

“Fatal Attraction” (1987)

“Eight Men Out” (1988)

“Major League” (1989)

“Ghostbusters 2” (1989)

“Ghost” (1990)

“King of New York” (1990)

“A League Of Their Own” (1992)

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (1992)

“Patriot Games” (1992)

“Body of Evidence” (1993)

“The Dark Half” (1993)

“Legends of the Fall” (1994)

“Blue Chips” (1994)

“Crimson Tide” (1995)

“Dead Man Walking” (1995)

“Blood and Wine” (1996)

“Meet Wally Sparks” (1997)

“Snow White: A Tale of Terror” (1997)

“The Thomas Crowne Affair” (1999)

“Center Stage” (2000)

“28 Days” (2000)

“Two Family House” (2000)

“Pumpkin” (2002)

“Golden Chicken” (2002)

“Beyond Borders” (2003)

“Mean Girls” (2004)

“The Skeleton Key” (2005)

“Akeelah and the Bee” (2006)

“Code Monkeys” (2007)

“Eden of the East” (2009)

“The Cape” (2011)

“Little Birds” (2011)

“This Must Be the Place” (2011)

“The Ghastly Love of Johnny X” (2012)

“Girl in Progress” (2012)

“Safe” (2012)

“The Hunger Games” (2012)

TV Shows Disappearing from Netflix on Oct. 1:

“Battlestar Galactica” (2003-2009)

“Law & Order” (1990-1997)

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (2006-2011)

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (2006-2010)

What are you most upset about losing from Netflix’s streaming service? Sound off in the comments section below?