Order up! Netflix just picked up a tasty series for 2018. But the wait will definitely be worth it if you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Ellen DeGeneres will serve as the producer for the upcoming series, which will be adapted from the classic tale first published in 1960. Since it's release, the copy has sold about 200 million copies, according to ABC.

“I am producing a brand-new series based on the Dr. Seuss book that will be available exclusively on Netflix,” the comedian revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “The show will combine two of my favorite things: Dr. Seuss and binge-watching.”

Although the series will take three years to make (production will begin in May) becaused of the advanced animation techniques, DeGeneres promised that viewers will want to gobble up every bit of the storyline.

The animated series will center around a “standoffish inventor” named Guy and his partner Sam-I-Am on their cross-country journey of worldwide fame. The road trip will inevitably test their friendship as they embark on adventures together.

“We’re making 13 episodes,” the “Finding Nemo” star, who hasn’t confirmed if she will be lending her voice to the series, said. “It will be fun for the whole family. It’s not coming out till 2018, but I thought I would give you a rhyme to help you remember: You can watch it with a fox, you can watch it on the rocks, or you can watch it without socks... I’m going to leave the rhyming to Dr. Seuss.”

Cindy Holland, Netflix vp of original content, even joined in on the rhyming fun following the exciting announcement of the animated series.

"We think this will be a hit. ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ is a perfect fit for our growing slate of amazing stories available exclusively in all Netflix territories," Holland said. "You can stream it on a phone. You can stream it on your own. You can stream it on TV. You can stream it globally."

DeGeneres added that the series, expected to be the most expensive animated program produced for television, will be “cutting-edge,” considering nothing like this have ever “been done on television before.”

“It’s very, very cool. I’m excited about it,” the TV star gushed.

Are you excited for "Green Eggs and Ham" to be adapted? What Dr. Seuss novel would you love to see animated? Sound off in the comments section below.