Netflix conducted a study of sneaky and surprising ways US moms are binge watching their favorite shows on the online streaming service. Haley Weiner/Netflix

A new study conducted by Netflix shows that mothers in the U.S. are finding creative ways to sneak in binge sessions of their favorite shows while multitasking or hiding from their children, according to Netflix. Nearly three-quarters of the moms surveyed—a reported 71 percent—admitted to sneaking in "TV 'me time' in surprising ways and places.'"

Netflix launched the study, "Netflix Mom TV Me-Time Survey 2017," between June 9-14. The online streaming service gathered 1,006 U.S. moms with children under the age of 9 to participate. The sample included 307 Hispanic moms in the U.S. and 322 Canadian moms, among other survey participants.

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A majority of surveyed moms, a reported 97 percent, claimed they had more time binge watch their favorite Netflix titles "whenever and however they wanted" prior to having kids. Motherhood is considered to be the surveyor's top priority, but they recognize the importance of sneaking in a few moments for personal time.

Moms reportedly would sneak their binge sessions in while completing household chores (57 percent) and cooking meals (48 percent). Other popular methods include bathroom viewings, gym time sneaks and driving their children's carpool. A shocking 12 percent of moms shared that they've reportedly resorted to "fibbing about other obligations" to acquire more me-time.

Netflix pointed out the benefits to moms utilizing creative bingeing practices, claiming "they need their TV me-time." Moms confirmed in the survey that adult-only time from their daily routine is a necessity, with many enjoying possessing time to de-stress and watch something that isn't children-related programming, among other reasons. However, 32 percent of mothers also claimed that they binged Netflix shows to "feel like her old self again."

Myles Worthington, a public relations manager for Netflix, spoke with International Business Times about Netflix's study and cited "curiosity" as the inspiration behind it.

"We're always curious to uncover how members view our content. The 'when, where and why' is always interesting to us," Worthington said. "As a parent myself, I know how life changes when you have kids, so [we] wanted to explore that further with a focus on moms."

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Netflix may have thoroughly looked into the sneak habits of moms, but Worthington told IBT that the online streaming service doesn't "have plans to do a study for dads." However, this could potentially change in the future.

Survey participants were also asked which show's they felt were the most "sneak-worthy" on Netflix. "The Walking Dead," "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Orange is the New Black" were among the top three answers that qualified as binge-worthy programming for me-time. From using "Orange Is The New Black" as an excuse to finish getting ready or streaming "Fuller House" while cleaning dishes, several moms have mastered the sneak binge.

Here is the full list of the top 10 sneak-worthy shows on Netflix for moms nationwide below:

1. "The Walking Dead"

2. "Grey’s Anatomy"

3. "Orange is the New Black"

4. "Friends"

5. "13 Reasons Why"

6. "Scandal"

7. "How to Get Away With Murder"

8. "Once Upon A Time"

9. "Fuller House"

10. "Gilmore Girls"

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