• "All Of Us Are Dead" is fifth among most-talked about TV shows on Twitter
  • Zombies in the new Netflix show are much scarier than before, Director Lee said
  • The drama casts newcomers in the role of students trapped in a school with zombies

Zombie drama “All Of Us Are Dead” was a hot topic on Twitter since its launch Friday which had landed it among the top 10 shows in the U.S.

In a ranking released by Variety’s Trending TV chart for the week covering Jan. 26 to Feb. 2, “All Of Us Are Dead” is fifth among the most-talked about TV shows in the U.S. with a total of 32,000 engagements. The 12-episode horror series is just a few notches away from the top two TV shows in the list, HBO Max’s “Peacemaker” and Lifetime’s “Janet Jackson” documentary.

In the previous Trending TV chart covering the week of Jan. 24 to 30, the zombie drama took the No. 1 spot and eclipsed HBO’s “Euphoria” with a total of 396,000 engagements. The Trending TV chart measures a TV show’s Twitter engagements including likes, hashtags, retweets and tweets.

The gory drama follows the story of teen students holding on to their lives after a zombie virus erupts in their school. It is based on the webtoon "Now At Our School" and is helmed by Lee Jae-Gyu, who is known for directing the popular Korean TV Series, "Damo," and the film, "Intimate Strangers." The drama casts newcomers including Park Ji-Hu, Yoon Chang-Young, Cho Yi-Hyun and Lomon.

Director Lee said the zombies in “All Of Us Are Dead” are scarier than in other productions because of their “zombie moves.”

"We put a lot of effort into depicting the zombies in the series. We've worked with a team, which included an actor and a choreographer, to create the moves of zombies. I can say for sure that it will have more detail and better movements than any other Korean zombie works," Lee said in a conference Wednesday.

While most zombie flicks feature adults fighting against the undead, Lee pointed out that "All Of Us Are Dead" revolves around teenagers who are suddenly confronted with the horror of watching their schoolmates become their enemies as they fight their way to survive in the virus-infested school.

The series also touches on various issues like bullying in school and social inequality.

Dressed as a zombie, Kannitha Thongnak sells the clothes of dead people online pixabay