A family in Bend, Oregon, was left with no home after their new dishwasher went up in flames Wednesday afternoon. Fire officials could not determine the reason for the appliance malfunctioning and the resulting fire.

Moments after starting the dishwasher, the owner noticed smoke emanating out from the back of the appliance, Bend's Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Derlacki said, KTVZ reported. She tried to switch off the power supply to the kitchen and called 911.

The dishwasher caught on fire, and the woman immediately evacuated the house on NE Pelican Drive, KPTV reported.

Firefighting crews were immediately dispatched to the location, and by the time they arrived, the house was filled with smoke and flames were visible in the kitchen.

The first crew to reach was two firefighter paramedics who arrived in an ambulance from the hospital. They were able to control the spread of the fire with the help of a dry-chemical extinguisher till more crews arrived.

The firefighters were unable to determine if the fire was caused due to a faulty installation or if it resulted from the appliance malfunctioning.

The fire caused immense damage to the house and everything inside, amounting to losses of $15,000. The family of three – an adult and two children -- have been displaced temporarily and will be staying at a hotel till their home is completely cleaned. Inhaling soot and smoke up to days after a fire can prove harmful. The American Red Cross has funded the family's temporary accommodation.

Tips to avoid dishwasher fires before they occur

Customers should register the dishwasher on the manufacturer's website to receive notifications in the event of the product being recalled, according to Puroclean.

The appliance must be turned off before going to bed and leaving the house. The dishwasher must be supervised when operating and should be regularly checked for broken components.

A family of four was killed after their house went up in flames in the Bronx, New York City, on October 30. Victims included a 10-month-old girl, her father, and his two younger brothers aged 10 and 12. The infant's mother jumped out of the window and was critically injured.

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