The Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM), one of the leading IVF & Infertility Treatment Centers in Orlando and Central Florida, declared its second successful baby delivery through a new oocyte freezing ( egg freezing) technique called vitrification.

The entire process involves a woman's eggs or oocytes retrieved and then frozen.

Compared to the conventional slow freezing technique, survival rates are better in virtification. A fast-freezing process adopted by the new technique eradicates ice crystals on the egg that could severely damage the egg's chromosomes when defrosted.

Center for Reproductive Medicine's first successful baby delivery through a vitrified egg was in July, 2011.

Women have a precious window of time to protect their chances for a future family. Egg freezing may help to expand that time window, said Dr. Sejal  Dharia Patel, physician at the clinic and co-director of the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Division at Ohio State University's College of Medicine.

Egg freezing technique at CRM gives women suffering from cancer and patients suffering from chronic diseases a chance to preserve their fertility prior to their therapy or treatment.