Rockstar Games released a new "Grand Theft Auto 5" trailer today, which you can watch below.

The new "GTA 5" trailer features the three main characters; "Trevor, Michael and Franklin." In this trailer, Michael refers to his Trevor as both his best friend and a psycho. Michael also mentions "mistakes" that he made "over a decade again," cluing "GTA 5" fans in on some story elements. The new "GTA 5" trailer also reveals that Michael is "back in the game."

The newest "GTA 5" trailer also gives the viewer a sneak peek at one weapon in particular that caught our attention: a chain gun. The trailer also shows off an assault rifle, motorcycles, cars, military aircraft and more.

"GTA 5" will be released on Sept. 17 for Xbox 360 and PS3. A "GTA 5" PS4 release may have been leaked by Sony this week, but nothing has been officially announced.

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