jason derulo
Jason Derulo, who attended 103.5 KTU's KTUphoriaat at Jones Beach Theater on June 3, 2017 in New York, released a brand new song called “If I’m Lucky” on Friday. Getty Images

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, got to get that new music on Friday!

The best part about Fridays isn’t just getting to leave school or work and head into the weekend, it’s getting new songs from your favorite artists, as well as some new favorites, to bump during all that free time.

On this #NewMusicFriday, there are some incredible new tunes from all genres of music that will have listeners dancing, crying, smiling, grinning and, eventually, singing along. Here are 10 fresh tracks that you should be checking out.

Jason Derulo – “If I’m Lucky”

We should all consider ourselves lucky that Derulo has decided to release yet another perfect, beat-filled track. Each of his songs just makes the listener want to move, whether it’s full-on dancing or just a little head movement, and this single is no exception.

The Script – “Arms Open”

The band’s new album “Freedom Child” is now out and with it comes many great songs, which need to be listened to, but “Arms Open,” in particular, is a beautiful pop-ballad that is a love-on-first-listen kind of song. It’ll have you hitting that repeat button so fast, just to ensure that there is no gap between hearing this track for the first time and the 50th. It brings sweetness, purity, freshness and sincerity in its harmony and lyrics. Welcome this song into your life with arms (and ears) wide open.

SoMo – “For You”

When a new SoMo song comes out, you always know what you’re going to get. But that’s far from a bad thing. He delivers a sexy, smooth, stylish song time and time again. And he does it all for you. His perfect voice from the get-go reels you in and keeps you there until the very end. That means that if you listen to this song as part of a SoMo playlist, then you’ll never stop listening because his voice will just keep you in the SoMo cycle.

Ty Dolla Sign feat. Damian Marley & Skrillex – “So Am I”

Smooth. This song has a smooth beat that’ll have you feeling good and right. This collaboration has the perfect combination of different musical stylings to always keep the listener on their toes and their ears open, ready to hear what vibe comes next.

Matoma feat. The Vamps – “Staying Up”

If you’re thinking that sleep is anywhere in your future, then you’re mistaken. After hearing this infectious pop track, you’ll be staying up all day and all night just to listen to it over and over again. Good thing that’s not a bad thing because you’re staying up for love. Love of the music.

Marc E. Bassy feat. Hailee Steinfeld – “Plot Twist - Remix”

Bassy’s song was already great, but with Steinfeld thrown on for the remix, it’s only escalated on the greatness scale. This is one plot twist that we might not have seen coming, but we’re so glad it did.

Mollie King – “Hair Down”

It’s been a long time coming, but this former The Saturdays singer has finally released the follow-up solo single to her debut track “Back to You” from last year. In the same vein as The Saturdays music, this track is a total dance number. Seeing as she loves music that you can dance to so much it’s no wonder she’s been announced as a contestant during the 15th series of “Strictly Come Dancing,” a British TV dancing competition.

Prince Charlez – “Back Around”

Charlez might’ve gotten his start as a songwriter for big names like Usher, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige and Beyoncé, but this time he’s coming back around as the main act. Prince Charlez is front and center on this new song and his interestingly raspy and inviting voice will make you glad that he is.

Jake Bugg – “Hearts That Strain”

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter released his brand new album “Hearts That Strain” on Friday and the title track will do just that to its listeners. It pulls at the heartstrings and aims to make you feel everything that he is. His folk-style singing is very calming, but it also allows you to really hear every word that he’s singing and better understand emotion he’s trying to convey. It’s an experience.

Galantis & ROZES – “Girls On Boys”

It might’ve “all started with a broken heart,” like is sung in the song, but listening to this fun-infused tune can fix almost anything. Galantis created a great sound for this record and ROZES’ voice brought it all together.