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  • A never-before-seen group photo of the short-lived K-pop group X1 surfaced
  • X1 fans mourned what could have been if the group hadn't disbanded
  • K-pop group X1 disbanded in 2020 due to "Produce X 101's" vote-rigging controversy

A never-before-seen group photo of the short-lived K-pop group X1 has surfaced online and left fans feeling emotional.

A photo showing all 11 former members of X1 was shared on an online forum Tuesday. The snap was presumed to have been captured during the filming of an episode of the now-defunct entertainment news show "Section TV."

Whatever the X1 members filmed then never aired because of the group's controversial disbandment.

The photo shared via the South Korean online forum Instiz brought a wave of nostalgia to fans, making them emotional.

"Ah, it's been so long. I haven't watched 'SectionTV,' only tears are coming out," commented one fan, while another user wrote, "[It] looks like they shot something with 'SectionTV.' They probably shot a lot of things, but we'll never get to see them. I can only cry."

"It's been a while, and I'm crying," commented another user. "I really miss you," said a fourth commenter.

"Bring them back. Bring them back," a fifth person wrote, hoping for an X1 reunion or comeback to happen.

"I wish they [would] show some unrevealed footage," another person said.

Others only commented "ㅠ," which is used by South Korean netizens to depict sadness, crying or bad feelings.

International fans also had similar reactions to the now-viral X1 group photo, which was reposted to Twitter.

"[I'm] crying in the corner. [W]e're getting [an] unreleased pict[ure] from almost 4(?) years ago," tweeted one fan, while another one said, "[W]e were robbed of this... [I] miss my X1."

X1 was a South Korean boy group formed through the Mnet reality show "Produce X 101." The 11-member group debuted on Aug. 27, 2019, with its album "Emergency: Quantum Leap," only to disband on Jan. 6, 2020, because of the reality show's vote-rigging controversy.

After the group's formation, it came to light that the competition had been fixed despite Mnet charging South Korean audiences to vote, Billboard reported.

The prosecution revealed that all of the members selected to join X1 and girl group IZ*ONE were rigged, along with one member of Wanna One, according to Koreaboo.

The 11 and 12 members who debuted as X1 and IZ*ONE, respectively, were chosen by program director Ahn Joon Young and chief producer Kim Yong Bum without taking into account the viewer votes, according to the indictment report submitted by assemblyman Ha Tae Kyung to the Seoul Central District Prosecution Office.

On Jan. 6, 2020, Play M Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment, T.O.P. Media, OUI Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, DSP Media, Starship Entertainment and Brandnew Music came together to discuss the future of X1 and made the decision to disband the group.

"After negotiation between X1 members and their companies under the condition of unanimous agreement, an agreement was not reached and have thus decided on their disbandment," the companies' joint statement said, as reported by AllKpop.

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