Project LLL - monster
Project LLL features a wide variety of enemies, from the mundane to the cosmically horrific NCSoft


  • Korean developer NCSoft is making a new third-person MMO shooter
  • "Project LLL" is set in a futuristic, war-torn world with eldritch monsters
  • The game is expected to release in 2024

A gameplay trailer for an upcoming third-person MMO from Korean developer NCSoft made rounds on the internet after it featured a familiar style of gameplay in an enticing setting that blends modern society with futuristic gear and cool enemies.

"Project LLL" is set in an apocalyptic Seoul where unknown, humanoid invaders armed with high-tech weaponry are ravaging the land. In the game, players are combat operatives wielding conventional firearms as well as suit-integrated weapons systems like rocket launchers and barrier projectors.

Some of the more interesting pieces of kit shown in the trailer included anti-gravity grenades that lift opponents into the air, an active camo system, a Soldier 76 Tactical Visor-style ability as well as jump jets that allow for a fair bit of vertical maneuvering. Combat also featured stealth mechanics, waist-high cover and first-person weapon aiming.

What's most interesting is the ability to hijack hostile mechs and use them against enemies through a first-person perspective similar to "Titanfall 2."

The enemies themselves somewhat resemble the Locust from the "Gears of War" series in terms of stature and temperament. Bulky and highly aggressive, they use modern weaponry like assault rifles, the aforementioned mechs, steel shields and even bomb vests to wage war against humanity.

Project LLL - enemies
Project LLL's combat includes traditional shooting as well as cooldown-based ability usage NCSoft

There's also that large being with way too many arms at the end of the trailer.

"Project LLL" is set in a large open world with "procedurally generated content that reacts appropriately to player's situation," Rock Paper Shotgun said.

The game so far looks very similar to Ubisoft's "The Division 2." Agents in the trailer can be seen using different abilities like healing fields and bubble shields on top of using the same weapons the player character had on their hands.

It's still unclear what the actual plot of "Project LLL" is apart from the apparent reality-bending catastrophe that unfolded in one war-torn street of 23rd century South Korea. But NCSoft mentioned that it took inspiration from sci-fi works like "Blade Runner" and "Dune," so players can expect some sort of similar spectacle in the game.

TPS and MMO fans can expect "Project LLL" to go live in 2024 for PC.

Project LLL - Visor
Project LLL has a variety of abilities players can use to turn the tide of a fight NCSoft