Celina Cass
Celina Cass, age 11, was last seen the night of July 25 in her New Hampshire home. Europaplustv

A week ago when the 11-year-old New Hampshire girl Celina Cass was missing, officials treated her disappearance as a missing person’s case. Now it is a suspicious criminal investigation.

She was last seen in front of her computer on the night of July 25 at her own room but mysteriously disappeared the next morning when her parents went upstairs to wake her up. Authorities have searched for clues for Celina’s whereabouts from her computer to places around her home but so far there has been no suspect pointed out.

The girl had lived with her mother and stepfather for about a year before she went missing a week ago. The FBI posted a $30,000 reward for any leading information for the case. Meanwhile, searches for Celina had continued by air, land and water.

The body of a missing girl was finally found around 10:30 a.m. Monday by divers from the Connecticut River near her home, just hours after Adam Laro, Celina’s father, pleaded for her safe return home.

"We're all wondering where my daughter is and we want the best for her safety,"said Laro at a Sunday’s brief media briefing.

"We have brought Celina home, not the way we wanted to bring her home," commented New Hampshire Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young Monday evening.

After the authorities identified Celina’s dead body, Laro was devastated, heartbroken and grasping for answers.

Laro was in the hospital when his daughter disappeared and said that he had not spoken with his ex-wife since her missing. According to Laro, Celina had a great mother and her stepfather had positive interaction with him. Celina was supposedly greatly loved by her parents in her West Stewartstown home, as she always told him.

Both Laro and her stepfather, Wendell Noyes say they can’t imagine she'd run off on her own. However, there has been no sign of force entry or kidnapping of the dead girl identified so far.

Laro shared that his memories of his daughter are "beautiful, beautiful, just a wonderful hearted person."

"(She was) someone who was loving and caring to a lot of people," Laro said. "That's how I would like to remember her," CNN cited him as saying.

Did Celina commit suicide or was she murdered? Mystery surrounds the New Hampshire girl's found body.

As an autopsy on Celina's body scheduled ed on Tuesday morning will likely determine the case of her death, the authorities hope to hone their suspicious criminal case investigation.