Ever since Netflix's show Squid Game gained widespread popularity, social media has been flooded with memes and references from the trending South Korean survival drama. 

A Nigerian comedy group Ikorodu Bois, known for recreating multi-million dollar Hollywood epics and music videos, has now come up with a low-budget parody of the Squid Game and the video is trending just like the original,  First Post reported. 

 Ikorodu Bois posted a 2-minute video captioned "If Squid game was shot in Ikorodu" to their Instagram account this weekend and it has already gained over one million views. The scene-by-scene recreation of Squid Game's trailer has amused the viewers with its uncanny resemblance with the original.

The original Squid Game series centers around the story of debt-ridden people who compete against each other to play childhood games to win a huge cash amount. The deadly twist of the game is when the losers are killed by the masked guards in violent ways. 

Ikorodu's video shows the original scenes at the top and the recreated version at the bottom. The parody video features young kids re-enacting many of the popular scenes from the series including the Red Light Green Light game. When an Ikorodu kid dressed up in ivory make-up to mimic the creepy robotic doll from the game, the other kids donned the iconic green suit as the participants.

 The video also got an appreciation for the innovative ways in which the scenes were reenacted with a low budget. For instance, Ikorodu's version used a cauldron to depict the huge transparent piggy bank shown in the original.

The viewers who are already well versed with the original series did not forget to appreciate the efforts taken by the group to bring even the minute details alike in their parody version.

"Could this have been any more perfect! you guys are amazingly good" a viewer commented.

Squid Game is now one of the top-watched television shows in the world since its launch on Sept. 17 and has become the first Netflix show to hit over 100 million viewers in one month.