Although Nina Dobrev has previously refused to discuss her relationship status, she has no problem letting the world know that she is an animal lover. The star stated that her love for furry creatures has officially taken her off the market, but the actress got a surprise when a small monkey began to get a little handsy with her after she made her declaration.

The actress, who has extended her holiday vacation into the new year, shared a video on Instagram of herself holding an adorable monkey. In the clip, Dobrev is feeding the creature that is sitting by her side. The monkey then gets up to sit in the star’s lap and begins to cuddle with her.

In awe and distracted by the adorable creature, the actress begins to realize that the monkey has stood up and has begun to play with her hoodie zipper located in the middle of her chest. The animal then begins to tug the zipper up and down, at one point revealing the actress’ undershirt.

“We’re going to second base today,” Dobrev joked in the video as the monkey played with the zipper.


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“I JUST said I was off the market, and this guy tries to cop a feel. He didn’t even try to buy me dinner first. Typical man,” the former “Vampire Diaries star captioned the clip.

Dobrev previously stated that she was off the market Wednesday when she posted a video of herself feeding a baby kangaroo. “Still buzzing from this encounter. Officially off the market. #SwitchingTeams,” she wrote as a caption to the video.

Dobrev has been taking a much-needed vacation since late December after tirelessly promoting her upcoming movie “xXx: Return of Xander Cage.”

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters Jan. 20, which means the actress may have to end her vacation sooner rather than later, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have time to meet another furry friend and forge a special bond.​