A gamer's chair can be as effective as a good gaming mouse, keyboard and keypad. Players who are comfortable will be more productive and in turn, churn in more victories for their team.

Nissan's involvement in gaming has now reached new heights and went beyond the traditional inclusion in racing games. The Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer recently teamed up with FaZe Chan and OpTic Gaming to come up with three one of a kind gaming chairs that will eventually carry gamers to the podium.

The concepts were revealed during the recently concluded “National Video Games Day.” According to Engadget, the “esports gaming chairs” were heavily centered on some of Nissan's “iconic cars.” Simply put, these chairs are part car, part gaming peripheral, and that's exactly most gamers would like to have as a partner.

Loot boxes weren't planned for "Black Ops 4" according to one design director. Gamers play at E3 in Los Angeles on June 12, 2018. FREDERIC J. BROWN/Getty Images

Top Gear, who also reported on the new phase of Nissan's pursuit to expand their reach to the gaming industry, posted the company's sketches on their article. The Armada was designed after the aptly named Nissan Armada SUV and should have its own “climate-controlled heating and cooling,” additional cushion for more lumbar support, machine-finished aluminum alloy stand and a first-class paint job of gun metallic and platinum reserve black and brown faux leather for a more “captain's chair” feel.

The Leaf, meanwhile is more of a “traditional” gaming chair with its vibrant blue accents that works well with its light gray body and gun metallic finishes. The chair is made from Eco-friendly materials, making it Nissan's sustainable project. There is also a USB charging port, integrated leg rest and yes, it copies the Nissan Leaf hatchback.

And last, but definitely not the least, is the GT-R Nismo-inspired esports chair. Nissan said that it's “built for performance,” and it indeed looks promising. The Nismo is equipped with a built-in headrest with audio system so that players won't have to wear those bulky headphones, carbon fiber seating shell; brushed aluminum stand; “performance-inspired” shape and a gorgeous black leather and red synthetic suede.

IDK LOC plays during the Tekken 7 top 8 pool play at Esports Arena in Los Angeles on Oct.16, 2016. Reuters/Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Both sources said that Nissan has no plans of selling these chairs, but they are testing the waters and “public reaction.” The company even started a poll on Twitter, and most are rooting for the GT-R gaming chair.

Be that as it may, Nissan will be more than ready to produce one, if not three, of these chairs if the market demands it. The gaming industry is expanding by leaps and bounds, and Nissan would be more than happy to join in the foray.