Mark Zuckerberg
No Facebook for iPad app as yet, but the iPhone app gets updated. Reuters

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg seems like a patient man so we're going to work with the premise that he's creating the best iPad app ever and perhaps that's why the Facebook for iPad app is still nowhere in sight. But on a brighter note, Facebook has updated its iPhone app with several new features and improvements.

Facebook for the iPhone version 3.5 is now available for download and includes a redesigned look for Profiles and Group walls -- similar to its Web changes.

Facebook for iPhone has made it easier to stay connected and to share information with friends by giving users more control over what they share and who they share it with.

Users are now able to update their status, tag friends, add places and location, and upload photos directly from the new tool. They also have the ability to choose the audience they want to share their status with by way of a drop-down menu.

Other cool enhancements include the ability to share external links and bug fixes for Chat and Notifications.

For those of you who have been using the jailbreak tweaks to force the iPad version to display, forget it. The new update removes any and all elements of the iPad edition from the app, so these tweaks will no longer work.

Best if you just wait for the installing of this update.

Thank you, Facebook. Now where's the iPad app?

List of new features/changes:

Facebook has made it easier to share as there is:
-- Added ability to tag friends and places in posts;
-- Added ability to share external links from a Web view;
-- Added new design for Profile and Group Walls; and
-- Improvement in the sharing tool to add privacy controls on posts and match your settings on the Web site.

Other improvements and bug fixes:
-- Improved Notifications speed;
-- Fixed a number of Chat bugs;
-- Made it easier to select filters in News Feed;
-- Fixed a bug with the Notifications bar disappearing;
-- Fixed a number of Photos bugs; and
-- Improved performance and stability overall.