• The Space Anomaly's construction terminal has additional unlockable building pieces 
  • Wires can be hidden in "No Man's Sky" using a cloaking device
  • Players should design rooms and buildings based on specific themes or functions

Building a base is one of the simpler joys of "No Man's Sky." With an unlimited number of planets to settle on, players can pick the perfect world to build the backwater outpost of their dreams.

There are plenty of building pieces to unlock and use in the game, and with the "Endurance" update's recent QoL changes to base building, players can now enjoy a slightly less janky construction experience.

Here are a few tips on how to build better-looking bases in "No Man's Sky."

Unlock More Prefabs

The craftable Construction Research Unit will let players unlock basic wood, stone and iron-based building pieces, ranging from walls to floors, roofs and doors. Those who want to unlock more building pieces like the Bio-Dome and premade rooms will have to visit the Space Anomaly.

The Construction Research Station has tons of extra unlockable blueprints for players to discover. Make sure to bring enough Salvaged Data before visiting.

No Man's Sky - Space Anomaly
The Space Anomaly has a host of helpful NPCs and research stations - NMS Hello Games

How to Create Floating Platforms

Due to the lack of a structural integrity system, players are free to create base platforms completely detached from the ground. This opens up numerous possibilities for floating bases like airborne ship carriers, trading posts, starship pitstops and other similar themes.

Players only need to stack walls on top of each other until they reach the desired height. Afterward, place a floor on top and delete the pillar of walls.

Hiding Wires

The Space Anomaly's construction terminal has an unlockable Electrical Cloaking Unit specifically designed to turn wires invisible. This device will hide all electrical wiring to give bases a cleaner look. However, it will not hide Short-Ranged Teleporter wires.

Circular Buildings

Players can make round rooms using a combination of square and triangular floor pieces. Start by making a hexagon-shaped pie of triangular floor tiles, then expand it by using square floors and more triangular tiles.

This building technique is also great for making curved corridors and twisting pathways.

Room and Building Inspiration

When designing a room or a building, try thinking of a theme or a purpose for the structure. A residential or crew quarters should have beds and living spaces, while a research lab should have plenty of terminals, hydroponics trays and other science-related items.

Having a clear idea of what a building is supposed to be for can open up a wide variety of options for design and decorations.