Anders Behring Breivik, the right-wing extremist accused of massacring 77 people in Norway, has been maintaining his inflammatory and sociopathic attitude during the judicial trial which began Monday.

Several of his statements in court have dealt rude shocks to the families of his victims. This includes his statement that he deserved a medal of honor for killing traitors who had facilitated Islamic colonization.

Breivik, who was previously found to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, was deemed a mentally sane narcissist in the second court-ordered psychiatric report released April 10.

The self-proclaimed revolutionary of the Norwegian resistance movement has been seen grinning, smirking, even yawning and cracking his knuckles, in the court room. Here is a roundup of statements and instances which rightly capture his attitude and beliefs:

1. Smirks Before a Right-Wing Salute - Breivik was seen smirking as a guard freed him of his handcuffs on the opening day of the trial. He then made a fist with his right hand, placed it on his chest and extended it in a salute. He has been asked to stop the fist salute every morning, following the requests from lawyers representing the victims, his lawyer Geir Lippestad said Wednesday.

2. Says Killing was a Necessity - When lead judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen asked Breivik on the first day of trial following the indictment whether he pleaded guilty completely or partly to the charges against him, he said: I acknowledge the acts, but not criminal guilt - I claim I was doing it out of necessity.

3. Smiles at Oslo Bomb Blast Footage - On the opening day, Breivik was seen smiling several times when he was shown previously unreleased surveillance footage from the car bomb attack which he carried out near the government offices in Oslo city centre July 22 last year. Families of his victims in the court room were seen gasping as they saw the video of the blast which showed people fleeing the site following the explosion.

4. Claims he Carried Out the Most Spectacular Political Attack Since World War II - On the second day of his trial, Breivik boasted that he had carried out the the most sophisticated and spectacular political attack in Europe since World War II when he killed his countrymen last summer.

5. Says he Would do it Again - On the second day, Breivik said if he had the chance, he would massacre people again because offenses against my people and my fellow partisans are in many ways as bad. He rejected the prosecution portraying him as a pathetic and mean loser and an antisocial sociopath claiming that he represented a European resistance movement, against foreigners taking Europeans' ethnic rights away.

6. Says Prison Term would be a Pathetic Sentence- On the third day of his trial, Breivik argued for capital punishment, saying that the maximum punishment in Norway for his crimes would be a pathetic sentence.

Acquittal or the death penalty are the only logical outcomes of this case, he said. I view 21 years in prison as a pathetic sentence.

If I had feared death, I would not have dared to carry out this operation, he said.

Norway abolished death penalty in peacetime in 1905, though retained it for war crimes until 1979. Norway's last execution was in 1948. Breivik, if adjudged sane, could face maximum of 21 years in prison or an alternate detention arrangement. If the court declares him insane, he would be admitted under psychiatric care until he is declared cured.

7. Says he has a Liberal View on Ethnicity - When questioned about his faith, Breivik declared he was a militant Christian, adding that he wasn't particularly religious.

When asked about what he thought of Nazis, Breivik said he was anti-Nazi and national conservative because he had a more liberal view on ethnicity. He substantiated his claims saying that he didn't have any qualms about Norway's 2 percent population not being ethnic Norwegian. However, according to official statistics, 12.2 percent of Norway's population are immigrants and their children.

Breivik was maintaining his composure on all the three days, switching between passive, aggressive and defensive behavior, and occasionally smiling. He was also seen wiping tears when he was shown a trailer for a video about his movement, which he had made before he carried out the attacks.

The trial is expected to last 10 weeks.