With Trevor Donovan’s second new Hallmark movie of the month — Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Nostalgic Christmas” — premiering Halloween night as part of the network’s Miracles of Christmas event, it’s the perfect time to take a little trip down memory lane with the actor.

While promoting “SnowComing,” his first Hallmark premiere of 2019, earlier this year, Donovan opened up to International Business Times about joining the Hallmark family, keeping in touch with his fellow “90210” alums and the possibility of making new memories with his friend and fellow actor Devon Sawa (“Nikita,” “Escape Plan: The Extractors”) in the form of a co-starring Hallmark movie.

International Business Times: How did you first get started with Hallmark? Did you feel there were any stigmas attached to doing these films?

Trevor Donovan: They actually approached me, and I wasn’t very familiar with the network at that point and wasn’t sure about it. [I thought there was a stigma] at the beginning, absolutely. I was getting out of the teen drama market area, and it sort of felt like it had a little stigma, like a little soap opera-type stigma. That like once I got in, that’s all I would do. But the industry’s changed, and I think for the better because you see movie actors doing TV and TV actors doing movies, so it’s opening a lot more doors.

trevor donovan hallmark christmas 2019
Trevor Donovan has a new Hallmark Christmas movie arriving later in 2019. Devin Dygert

IBT: And you’re not the only “90210” alum doing them. Five of your former CW costars also do Hallmark movies. Do you keep in touch with them or talk to them about doing Hallmark movies together?

Donovan: It’s funny you say that. There’s been some discussion...about putting one together, with me and one of the girls, but that’s just initial talk. We’ve definitely thought about it. It would bring in that “90210” fanbase, too. I think people who really liked the show would really like to see us onscreen together.

IBT: Devon Sawa actually joked on Twitter about doing a Hallmark movie in the future like you. What do you think about doing one with him?

Donovan: Devon Sawa? Yeah, we could do like an MMA Hallmark movie. He’s big into martial arts and stuff. Yeah, we could do a morally-uplifting fight movie for Hallmark.

IBT: You joke, but [fans] would definitely watch that.

Donovan: I would, too. Although I don’t know how much Hallmark wants to show people getting punched in the face.

IBT: They’ve done ice skating and ice hockey and football, so it’s time to think of some other sports.

Donovan: You know, you might’ve hit on something. It could be a retired boxer or retired fighter, and he’s looking for the next stage in his life.

Donovan can next be seen opposite Brooke D’Orsay in “Nostalgic Christmas” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT. To watch him in a flick with other “90210” alums or in a movie with Sawa, fans will just have to let Hallmark know on social media that they’re interested in seeing those movie ideas come to life.