Obama on The Colbert Report
U.S. President Barack Obama (L) appears on The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert at the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington Dec. 8, 2014. Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

President Barack Obama appeared on “The Colbert Report” Monday and took over the role of the talk-show host Stephen Colbert. Obama reportedly pretended to be Colbert’s alter-ego and called himself “arrogant” before proceeding to read Colbert’s critique of Obamacare.

Obama reportedly arrived at the presenter’s desk before his schedule and engaged in some self-mockery. “Stephen, you’ve been taking a lot of shots at my job, so I’m taking a shot at yours,” Obama reportedly said during the opening moments of the show. “How hard can this be? I’m just going to say whatever you say.”

He also renamed the show’s popular segment, “The Word” to “The Decree” because it sounded more "presidential." He also launched into a monologue about Republicans in Congress and his last two years in office.

"Nation," Obama said, imitating Colbert. "As you know, I, Stephen Colbert, have never cared for our President. That guy is so arrogant. I bet he talks about himself in the third person."

Obama, as Colbert, stated that there are aspects of Obamacare that people like, but, “How do you stop something that more and more people are starting to like?” following which a message flashed, saying: “Move it to CBS.” This was a reference to the fact that “The Colbert Report” is ending its run in two weeks as the host is leaving his Comedy Central show to take over David Letterman’s “The Late Show” on CBS.

Obama also reportedly spoke about how Republicans could stop Obamacare.

"They could pass a bill repealing Obamacare. But the President still has the veto and if I know that guy, he is willing to use it," Obama said. "And let's face it, even if Republicans somehow did repeal it, they would have to replace it with their own health care plan. Once they touch it, they own it, and then if anything goes wrong, suddenly everybody will be complaining about Mitch McConnell-care."

In closing the segment, Obama also joked about the Obamacare website. "Remember the original HealthCare.gov website? I think that's where Disney got the idea for Frozen," Obama said.

Later, Colbert took aim at Obama recently nominating his fourth top civilian at the Pentagon.

"I'll give it to you. You've employed a lot of people," Colbert said. "Mostly as Secretary of Defense,” to which Obama replied that its “boosted our numbers a little bit.”

Colbert also accused Obama of exceeding his authority on immigration. "When did you decide to burn the Constitution and become emperor?" he asked, to which Obama replied: “Everything that we have done is scrupulously within the law, and has been done by previous Democratic and Republican presidents.”

While ending the show, Colbert asked: "Barack Obama -- great president or the greatest president?"

Obama replied: “I'm going to let someone else decide -- not you, but someone who knows what they're talking about.”

Colbert then turned the question on its head to ask Obama if the president thought of him as a “great pundit or the greatest pundit." Obama replied, saying: "The greatest pundit."