U.S. President Barack Obama's uncle is heading into a Massachusetts courtroom on Thursday for allegedly driving drunk.  However, his lawyers will be asking the judge to toss out any statements he made to police as well as the results of his blood-alcohol test.

Onyango Obama, 67, the half-brother of the president's late father, was arrested in Framingham, Mass. in August. A police officer said Obama made a rolling stop at a stop sign, nearly crashing his sport utility vehicle into his cruiser, reported The Associated Press.

Police said he registered a 0.14 on a blood-alcohol test, nearly double the state's legal limit of .08. Obama pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The arresting report from the police officer said Obama would not allow me to speak and continued to interrupt me, as previously reported. It claimed Obama continued arguing the point with me. He felt that his 'stop' was adequate enough, though he did acknowledge that he should have yielded to me as I was in a main lane of travel that he was attempting to enter.

The report said the officer asked Obama, who is reportedly an illegal immigrant, how much he had to drink, to which he initially said nothing, it claimed. The officer allegedly told Obama there was a strong odor of alcohol on him, to which he reportedly admitted he had only one beer. When the officer, however, told Obama his behavior indicated he was intoxicated, Obama allegedly claimed he had two beers.

The officer said while he attempted to conduct a field sobriety test, Obama would disobey orders and begin the test before being receiving instructions. Obama allegedly stumbled when the police officer asked him to perform a nine-step walk and had trouble on a horizontal gaze test, which required him to follow an officer's finger. The officer said he subsequently placed him under arrest.

UPDATE: The trial will be postponed to early April.