California Octuplets mom Nadya Sulema
California Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman has a new Web site ( shown in this screenshot taken on February 11, 2009. The site is dedicated to her brood of newborns. Suleman, 33, widely criticized for undergoing fertility treatments when she already had six children, has expressed confidence in her ability to care for her brood. REUTERS

The medical license of the California fertility doctor who implanted a dozen embryos in Nadya Suleman, resulting in the birth of eight babies, will be revoked next month, state official said.

The California Medical Board ruled that Dr. Michael Kamrava committed gross negligence with repeated negligent acts, for an excessive number of embryo transfers into Suleman in 2008, CNN reported.

Suleman, also known as Octomom, was already a 33-year-old mother of six other young children, conceived through in-vitro fertilization administered by Kamrava, when she gave birth to the octuplets.

Kamrava, who began treating Suleman in 1997, said Suleman demanded all 12 embryos that were available for the procedure.

The doctor did not think he could refuse to transfer less embryos than those to which N.S. would agree because he believe at the time that the ultimate decision should be largely driven by the patient's wishes, the board wrote in the decision released Wednesday.

While the evidence did not establish (Kamrava) as a maverick or deviant physician, oblivious to standars of care in IVF practices, it certainly demonstrated that he did not exercise sound judggement in the transfer of 12 embryos to patient N.S., the board wrote.